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Because they lead to big wins

“Small wins are exactly what they sound like, and are part of how keystone habits create widespread changes.” — Charles Duhigg (The Power of Habit)

I just need a small win today. And more importantly, celebrate that small win viscerally. By saying “yes!” to myself with a fist pump, or, doing a high five with a friend.

The point is to feel great about the tiny win.

Just like I trained myself to feel great after writing a small section of this article. …

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Self-introduction is a challenge for me.

By intention. Because it keeps changing.

As my direction (of moving forward in life) is clear, my introduction seems to be changing with my own changing perception of reality.

Having born and raised in Nepal, moving to the United States as a 19-year old, living there for fifteen years, and now living in Thailand (while constantly traveling the world), this old adage is indeed true for me:

The world is my home.

Making progress in people’s lives excites me. …

You lose by not trying.

We are driven by the desire to become better. Better performance, deeper recovery, meaningful relationships, revolutionary discoveries — you name it.

In the path towards growing and getting better, we continuously strive to discover and expand our capabilities. Hence, learning and mastering techniques, skills, and strategies for improving ourselves are vital.

What we want are practical, effective techniques that improve us by upgrading our behaviors, habits, subconscious, and eventually our lifestyle. Such methods are not one-and-done. Rather, when iterated, they continuously challenge us and take us to the next level.

In other words, such practices and iterative techniques “upgrade” us…

Because the other type of cool is downright dangerous.

Try taking a “cool” standing posture. Please do it.

You probably stood at ease, arms crossed, gaze fixed, muscles tightened, or something similar, yes? Is it the same posture you take when you are at a social gathering, and you don’t know anybody?

This type of cool is what we resort to in times of insecurity and uncertainty. We try to achieve such coolness by trying to dress up, talk, or act like others in exchange for acceptance, inclusion, safety, and a sense of belonging. …


A free verse about the meaning of small actions.

High places
need tall ladders
and tall ladders
can only be climbed with rungs
that are spaced small.

With small steps, we travel further.

Big dreams become real
through a succession of many small acts.

We live meaningful lives
through many small acts
of striving, kindness, and gratitude.

Trees grow tall, slowly.
Its large trunk and root divides
into smaller branches
so it can grow higher, deeper, and wider.

One small growth at a time in many places
makes us abundant.

Forest are made
with grasses, bushes, plants, and trees.
Each leaf, each blade of grass — by itself,
appear insignificant.

There’s excitement in fear.

It’s a peculiar feeling. Pushing myself to climb a hill through a forest every morning, alone. I am filled with emotions of both fear and excitement.

Fear of being alone in the woods, snakes, wild animals, combined with the excitement of reaching the summit makes me fully present. I can feel my heartbeat in every step of the ascent.

It has only been a month since I moved into my new house in the forest in northern Thailand. I live here with my partner. …

Is the one that lies in your ‘Challenge-Skills Sweet Spot.’

Rome wasn’t built overnight. But it got built.

You didn’t learn to ride a bike one fine day. But you learned it. Do you remember how you did it?

As for me, I pedaled my way, one stroke at a time. I kept trying because the excitement of balancing myself on two wheels even for a few seconds kept me engaged no matter how wobbly I was, or how many falls I took. Not having support wheels or a smaller size bike didn’t stop me.

Mastery came gradually as I enjoyed every step of the learning process. …

Makes us better than who we are.

As humans, we try.

And become a little better when we do our best.

A small step outside our comfort zone is what we need to move on. One small step. One act of pushing ourselves to go beyond who we are, what we know.

The noble act of stiving is more meaningful than the attainment of a goal, or success. This is no longer a motivational statement or a philosophy. Not even spiritual. It is a cognitive tool, according to scientific evidence.

Remember the “reward” drug — dopamine?

It is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. It also…


A free verse

The way of the universe
is such that
all forms, things, matters
are moving
in stillness.

A rock that makes a mountain
has been lying still for millennia.
Inside it,
atoms are moving in harmony
to keep its form
as the surface slowly wears off
to dust.

In deep meditation
we lie still
and focus inside
and feel
the thoughts, and emotions
arise and disappear like waves.

So much movement
inside stillness.

makes us who we are —
heart beating
blood flowing
lungs pumping
and our microbes floating around
to give us form, shape, and consciousness
so we can feel ourselves
and the universe…

Upen Singh

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