Five BioTech Companies in Life-Extension

Disruptive innovation in healthcare

Upen Singh
5 min readJan 25, 2021


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“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where is the puck is going to be.” — Wayne Gretzky

Recently, I have started investing in ARK-G companies. These companies work in CRISPR, targeted therapeutics, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, stem cells, and agricultural biology. All these efforts are massively contributing to life-extension — both through preventative and prescriptive methods.

Bold claims require bold evidence. These pieces of evidence are happening right before our eyes. There are biotech companies that are working and collaborating at an alarming rate in the field of life-extension.

So how exactly will life-extension happen? Or happening already?

While we love Apple products, Facebook, Amazon, the one thing none of them are doing is curing cancer. Or diseases. Making us healthier. Extending our lifespans.

Enter genomics. Amazing things are happening here. Clinical tests for the treatments of severe diseases like sickle cell, pediatric blindness, and beta-thalassemia are happening at a rapid pace.

The convergence of DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence, and gene-therapy is going to cure myriad diseases — severe and normal. Science and technology are surfacing genetic mutations and taking a more targeted approach to healthcare. We are able to see the earliest manifestation of diseases, detect them and soon cure them as well.

This disruptive work is happening in many biotech companies as they as converging their technology, data, and collaborating like never before.

Here are five companies that I am personally following and tracking their progress. Their developments are promising. I’ll share —

CRISPR Therapeutics
This company is a leading gene-editing company focused on developing transformative gene-based medicines for serious diseases using its proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 platform.

CRISPR/Cas9 is a revolutionary gene-editing technology that allows for precise, directed changes to genomic DNA.



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