Shall We Give More Compliments?

And feel the abundance?

Upen Singh
3 min readJul 13, 2022


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Sometimes the hardest compliments are the most powerful.

Those “hard” compliments can give us experiences of abundance.

This was the major lesson I learned on the first day’s assignment of a workshop on “Experience the Abundance” I am taking from an intuitive healer. I had to give five compliments in 24 hours, and share those experiences the next day.

And naturally, the first and most basic lesson was to get out there and physically interact with other humans, so I could actually give compliments.

So, here’s how I delivered those five compliments in order. It got more and more interesting along the journey.

⌘ I told a house guest how nice she looked in the shirt she was wearing. She smiled and talked more about her shirt. We had been talking business before that, so this smile radiated a different energy. It felt genuine.

⌘I thanked my partner for making a delicious dinner. She smiled and thanked me back. This was quite easy to do, because I often thank her for her cooking. Still, it felt good to pause after giving the compliment, and take in her smile.

⌘ I told a friend how beautifully her spa has evolved in the last few months because of the consistent work and love she put into it. She gave me a big smile, and was ecstatic to hear it. I felt I really honored her.

⌘ I told a guitarist who was playing slow, jazzy music in his guitar in front of his store, “Great music!” He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Thank you!” I even had the feeling to sit down with him and jam together, which I probably will do next time I see him. It felt he was used to receiving this type of compliment. For me, however, it wasn’t natural, as I had to walk around the block once, compose my thoughts, and deliver that compliment.

⌘ This one was hard. I went to a restaurant for a take-out. I had only about an hour left before the workshop, and I needed to pull something here so I could complete my assignment. This was the last opportunity. I noticed the waitress who took my order had beautiful eyes. I could tell she put in a lot of work on her eyes — contacts, cosmetics, time, and effort — and they looked so pretty. I wanted to…



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